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Fusion Program Ages 11-14

Fusion blends the excitement of the Junior Classes and the real deal self defense and conditioning of the Impact (Adult) Program. They are children yet don't want to be talked down to or treated like 'babies'.  The program is lead with the knowledge that this age group has specific wants and needs that are unique to them.  Most of our instructors started in the Junior Leadership Program or as young teens.  We know more than most that teens want a good workout, to learn self defense, and want to do all the "cool" Martial Arts moves.  More importantly, teens want to be treated with respect and given the opportunity to train like the Adults.


Fusion Students benefit from:

Heightened discipline and focus, which can be applied to school work

Personal Development skills

Improved Concentration

Muscle and body toning

Emphasis on respect for oneself and others

Strengthening of self-confidence and discipline to stand against high peer pressures

Form long lasting friendships