Best kickboxing classes in Cincinnati with our iKickbox Fitness Classes

iKickbox Lessons are 45 minutes of FUN fast paced fitness!

You can forget about dieting by changing your lifestyle - join the "iKickbox Do You?" team and see a difference in your fitness, cardiovascular/energy level, and overall health in just the first couple of weeks!  Regardless of your current fitness level or endurance (this will improve over time) our program will work for you!  Work out at your own paceand get better with every iKickbox Fitness lesson.  We are experts at improving your fitness level and confidence step-by-step.

Your iKickbox Fitness lesson includes:

warm up, stretching, and cool down periods

bag work.. a lot of it - punching, elbows, palms, knees, and kicks - instructors will guide you through everything so that you know how to get the most out of your workout.  Hitting a bag is a great stress reliever!

challenging & innovative kickboxing, cardio, and core strength drills guaranteed to get you in shape

modified versions of every drill, exercise, and stretch so that regardless of your fitness level or agility, you will feel comfortable and enjoy the experience

fun, social experience with great music and passionate instructors who want to help you enjoy iKickbox Fitness at the Cincinnati TaeKwonDo Academy

Girl Trains at the Best kickboxing classes in Cincinnati with our iKickbox Fitness program

Join Today - Just Call Us!

We Offer 3 iKickbox Fitness lessons per week.  You can come to all 3 or however many you want!  If you take advantage of this limited time iKickbox Fitness "Kick-Off" Offer it will cost you less than $4 per class!  Just call us and ask us how!

Please look over the schedule for the iKickbox Fitness lessons to make sure the you will be able to attend the classes.  Most participants choose to come 2 times per week.


                                                       12:15pm                                         12:15pm           11:30 am

If everything looks good to you, then you are all set to enroll yourself.  Enroll in this fantastic iKickbox Fitness program just by calling us! We are excited to help you achieve your goals – this is going to be an AWESOME journey!