My Journey

I enrolled in martial arts in 1994 a few months before my 15th birthday.. well actually taekwondo. I had dropped my name into a drawbox to win a free month of lessons. My name was pulled out and I was invited to try a class at a new school that opened down the road from my home.

It wasn't officially open yet; there was no carpet, no mirrors hung on the wall, and no uniforms in stock for me to wear. But there was a building with 4 walls and an exciting instructor with a great curriculum to motivate me into become his 1st student! I can't really say that the class was 'hard-core' but I walked in with a stigma of what it would be like to be Daniel-son walking into the cobra-kai dojo. After class, I had a scab on my spine from the sit-ups on concrete and a t-shirt full of blood and sweat.

Now, fast-forward 22 years later and I am still training and loving it! Things HAVE changed. Students are welcomed with a smile, no sit-ups on concrete, and no military like drill instructor barking at me. The weird factor is gone. The stigma has changed. This truly now is such a great way to get in shape for men, women, and children of all ages! I suggest you walk in and try a class to see what is different and start your Journey!

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