Can Martial Arts Be a Good Activity for Kids With ADD / ADHD ?



Martial arts, taekwondo, karate, or whatever you call it can be a very positive outlet for children who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. I think it is hard to say it can't help. There is so much structure and discipline built into our lessons that children with these challenges actually thrive off of the regularity of the routines and repetition. While engaging the body, eyes, and mind, we simultaneously teach all children to stay focused.

How do we handle children that have a hard time with focus?

  • Distractions

It's only a distraction if you get distracted by it right? Step one in our school is to teach children how to listen not just with their ears but their eyes as well. When you communicate with your child you always wonder if they are really hearing what you are saying while their eyes are on a screen or elsewhere. So, we make focusing your eyes, your mind, and your body a day 1 lesson!

  • Hyperactivity

Sometimes called impulsiveness.. hyperactivity is an inability to channel energy, often aggressive energy in a positive way. Where else are you allowed to kick and punch and yell without getting in trouble for it? Children with this type of energy always are welcome! The next step would be to show them when it is appropriate and inappropriate to act in this manner. Then, finally, how to do it positively.

So, what is next? You should probably give our school a phone call to find out if Martial Arts would be a good fit for your child! We will be glad to give you our best effort and honesty! Call today at (513) 791-6333 or follow this link:

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