How Can I Accomplish My Goals?

Commitment Requires Action!

How can I get better grades?

How can I get a raise at work?

How can I get it all done?

How can I earn a black belt?

These are all question that I have heard of the years - but the answer has always seemed the same to me.. Decide, Commit, Succeed!


You have to DECIDE what your next goal is going to be. I have plenty of dreams all the time. A new car, a bigger house, more stuff, etc. are all common goals. But until you give any of these things a deadline, they are simply just dreams. The moment you say, for example, "I am going to buy a truck by November!", then that dream has become a goal with a deadline.

Decide what your next goal is going to be!


Daily progress toward your goal is what commitment truly is. You can't say I am going to eat healthier or go on a diet and then have a 'cheat' day. If you want to be a black belt in martial arts you have to train consistently and regularly over the course of many years to make it to your goal. In our style of taekwondo, it takes almost 3 years to get there and over 14 tests occurring every 10-12 weeks!


I can't promise that you will make it to your goal, but you will feel successful knowing that you didn't give up! Stick to the mission without giving up is the mantra that we use when talking about commitment. When you stick to it, you find solutions and work-arounds to your challenges. Some people measure success with something tangible. A bigger paycheck, something you can hold in your hands, a pat on the back, or a reward are all tangible things - but it is the intangible that marks true success - emotions, victory, and accomplishment!

I believe that anyone can make it to black belt with dedication - but once you have arrived at black belt, you shouldn't feel like you have arrived, you should feel that your journey has just begun!

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