Martial Arts Fights Depression

Martial Arts fights Depression, Depression is an illness that involves the body, mood, and thoughts. It affects the way a person eats and sleeps, the way one feels about oneself, and the way one thinks about things. Depression disorder is not the same as a mood swing. It is not a personal weakness or a condition that can be controlled or gone unnoticed. People with a depression can't pull themselves together and feel better. Without treatment to this symptom, depression can last for weeks, months, or years. Appropriate treatment, however, can help most people who suffer from depression. It is estimated that 17 million people suffer from serious depression in the United States now. Depression affects adults, teenagers and children. Depression causes people lose their concentration and have little to no. Depression can be emotionally suffocating. Depression can be overwhelming and can cause stomach aches and indigestion. The body can suffer weight loss and weight gain. Depression can cause aches and pain in the body, even fatigue. Depression is a mental condition that affects the entire body. Sadness, no real interest with life along with hopeless are just a few thing depression is linked to. The cause of depression is unknown. The condition is often caused by too much mental stress. Stress can be caused by major life events that include financial difficulties or work challenges. Relationship difficulties, moving, divorce and even the birth of a child can all be linked to depression. A study conducted by Duke University Medical Center said that walking or jogging around a track for 30 minutes three times a week may be just as effective in relieving major depression. This was considered to be an equivalent to anti-depressant medication. It is also believed that exercise is better than medical treatment when treating depression. Exercise is the key to relieving depression. As people exercise they feel better about themselves. Exercise is better than taking pills then sitting around waiting for the remedy. This study proved that people who exercise gained self esteem and a sense of accomplishment because they were exercising for them selves. Exercise is also good for the brain. Endorphins are a chemical in the brain that is positively affected by exercise. Endorphin release improves self esteem and fight depression. Neurogenesis is the birth of a neuronal cell that continues throughout adult life. When living organisms such as people or animals are good environments will increase cell growth. Scientists are now studying how neurogenesis occurs naturally, and how it can be used to aid medical treatment. Scientists have recently discovered a whole family of proteins called neurotrophic factors. These proteins play an important role in the survival of neurons. Studies show that stress and depression decrease the neurogenesis factor in the brain. It’s also said that neurogenesis can block the stress and aging. Martial Arts can relieve depression through exercising and being in a positive environment. Martial art Forms stimulate the central nervous system better than jogging or running because of the whole body movements. This makes Martial Arts more effective in relieving depression than other exercises. Training with other students will fight depression. Being around other people with positive attitudes will help an individual suffering from depression. Some people train at home or a gym and they experience solitude during the exercise. A Martial Arts School is known to most people as their second home. When a student is feeling down they should feel comfortable talking to an instructor about what is bothering them. At Cincinnati TaeKwonDo Academy students are a number one priority. If they don't feel good about themselves they miss out on the benefits of life. Our Academy provides a loving fun filled atmosphere that welcomes anybody of any age. Martial Arts provide students with physical and psychological components for health and life. Interaction with other people is way more effective than training alone. Social activity is the key to survival and a more effective way to reduce depression. The variety of drills can be used effectively against depression. The body needs love, exercise, challenges, good diet and newness. Our classes provide students with all these things. The positive environment is ideal to support and nurture students. By learning Martial Art techniques and skills, students become mentally stronger, more powerful and effective. Martial arts is great for everyone to experience. Thanks DiCarlo (Martial Arts ULMA Member school) for your insight!

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